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October 19, 2016
000webhost has been in business offering free web hosting with no forced ads since 2007. This is made possible because of their paid hosting services, which includes being able to upgrade from free hosting to paid hosting, as well as accepting donations from their users.

Hosting Features

  • No Forced Ads
  • 1500 MB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • cPanel
  • PHP
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • Free Domain Hosting
  • Easy to Use Website Builder
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Instant Account Activation
  • Curl, GD2, Zend, XML, fopen(), PHP sockets, Ioncube Loader, .htaccess and more
  • One Click Script Installer (Wordpress, Joomla, ...)
  • Free E-mail services (IMAP/POP3...)
  • Free Website Templates
  • Support Forum
  • Free Billing Software
  • Free Web Proxy

000WebHost.com's Web Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Free 2 MySQL Databases, 5 E-mail Accounts, 1 Website, Website Builder, Free Domain Hosting 2,000 MB 16 GB Free
Premium - Silver Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, 1 Website, Website Builder, Free Domain Hosting, 1 Free Domain Included!, SSL Certificate, US/EU Server locations Unlimited Unlimited $3.99
Business - Gold Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Unlimited Websites, Website Builder, Free Domain Hosting, 1 Free Domain included!, SSL Certificate, US/EU Server Locations, Private nameservers Unlimited Unlimited $6.99

Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions that you may have for this web host.

Account Management FAQs

Question: How to modify my username or domain?
Answer: They do not allow you to modify your username or domain for security reasons. If you want to change your domain name, simply delete the account by using the 'Control Panel' -> 'Cancel / Delete Account' function and set up a new account with the new domain.

Question: I do not receive an account activation email.
Answer: If you cannot receive the email message with account activation link there could be two common causes:

1. You did not entered a valid email address. If this is the case, you'll have to register a new account.

2. Your email provider is blocking our emails or moving it to the spam folder. Please check your filters and ensure that your account activation email is not in your spam folder.

Question: How do I cancel/delete my account?
Answer: You can delete your account at any time by using the 'Control Panel' -> 'Cancel / Delete Account' function. Warning! All data will be lost if you will decide to delete the account, so it is recommended to download backup for your account by using the 'Control Panel' -> 'Backups' feature.

Question: How many accounts can I have?
Answer: You can have as many accounts as you want.

Question: How can I reload / cleanup my account?
Answer: You can do this by using 'Control Panel' -> 'Cleanup / Reload Account' function. It will not only restore your account to the defaults, but it will also fix common problems with public_html folder.

Question: How can I check how much bandwidth I've used?
Answer: To save server resources and provide everyone with quality free web hosting, they not provide real time bandwidth statistics. But, if you will ever reach 80% of your bandwidth limit (that is 80GB of 100GB) you will get a notification email. Should you reach 100% of your bandwidth limit, your account will be temporarily suspended until the first day of the next month.

Question: How do I transfer my website from my current hosting provider to their hosting?
Answer: If your website is not using MySQL databases, moving your site is very easy. Simply upload all your files to public_html folder on our server.

If you have a PHP based website, check if it has any configuration files, where domain name or path to files can be set. Update these values if needed.

If your website is using MySQL, you need to move database here and update configuration files of your scripts too.

1. Backup Database On Your Old Server
If your current provider has any MySQL backup tool - use it. Or you can login to phpMyAdmin of your database and click on 'Export' tab. Choose 'Save as file' and select 'gzipped'. Download of of your database backup will start.

2. Creating A Database On Their Server
Once download is finished you will have a file with the name something like yourdatabase.sql.gz. Before you can restore database you need to create a database on our system. login to our members' area, enter your control panel and click on MySQL icon. Now choose username, database and password for your database. Now choose a username, database and password for your database. Do not forget to write down these details on the paper as you will need them later!

3. Importing Your Database To Their Server
Once you have a database created, enter our phpMyAdmin (you will find it from our control panel). Once you are inside phpMyAdmin for your database click on 'Import' tab. Browse to the backup file of your database (yourdatabase.sql.gz for example) and click go. Database restoring procedure will begin - be patient, it can take a lot of time to complete if your backup size is large.

4. Updating Configuration Files Now, when you have your database restored, you need to open configuration file of your PHP script and update the database host, database name, database username and database password values. Use the values that you have written down on your paper when you created the new database.

Question: I get "Possible security problem detected!" error during login to the members' trea
Answer: When you login to members' area, they check your IP address location. It must match the country that was used when you registered for the account. If there is a country mismatch your account will be locked, but can be easily unlock it by clicking a special link that will be sent to your email.

If you are consistently getting a 'Possible Security Problem Detected!' error during login to the members area, you can disable these security measures by logging into the members' area and clicking on your email (under "Customer Details" right side menu)

You will see a checkbox that enables / disables these security measures for your account.

Question: How do I restore backups?
Answer: They automatically create a backup of your account and store it under Backups section of your control panel.

Click 'Make Backups Available for Download' to transfer the files from the remote backup server to 000webhost.com control panel and then download the backup file to your computer.

Finally, go to '1-Click Website Restore' tool and upload this archive. All files will be restored to public_html folder within a few minutes.

You can also extract this archive on your computer and then manually upload these files by FTP.

Question: How can I modify my client email or name?
Answer: To change your email or customer name, login to members area click on your email on the right side (under "Customer Details" menu). It will allow you to update your contact details.

File Upload Questions

Question: FTP login failed. What should I do?
Answer: First of all, make sure you are using correct the FTP details (such as hostname, username and password). To find your FTP details, log on to members' area, select the domain name you want to get FTP information for, and click Go to cPanel. In your control panel, click View Account Details link and look for File Upload Details section. Here you will find full FTP details.

Also, if you are using your own domain, please make sure that your domain is already pointing to our server (it usually happens in 24-48 hours after nameserver update). You will see a warning message if your domain is not yet resolving to our server. In this case you can use our server IP address as your FTP hostname. IP address can be found on the right tab.

If your domain is already resolving to our server or if you are using our free subdomain and your FTP login still fails, try to use File Manager from your Control Panel. If login to File Manager also fails, try to change your password by using the Change Password tool from the control panel. Do not use any special symbols in new password. Also wait about 1 minute after password update and then try to enter File Manager again.

If the login to the File Manager is fine, but login to FTP fails, that means you have wrongly configured your FTP client, that's because our File Manager works on FTP protocol, so if the login to File Manager works fine, FTP must be working too.

Question: How do I upload files to my website?
Answer: You must either use an FTP (file transfer protocol) client, or upload via our File Manager located in your cPanel area. All files must be uploaded to the public_html directory!

Also, there must be a file named index.html or index.php inside the public_html directory for site to be working properly. If you accidentally deleted your public_html folder use Fix File Permissions tool from the control panel to restore the public_html folder.

Question: Where to upload my website files?
Answer: If you want all of your website visitors to be able to view and access files, all files must be uploaded to the public_html directory. You may create other sub-directories inside public_html directory if needed.

Files uploaded outside of the public_html folder will not be accessible to your website visitors. Your site will not function if there is no public_html folder, so, if you accidentally deleted it, use the Fix File Permissions tool from the control panel and it will restore your public_html folder.

Question: What FTP software should I use?
Answer: We recommend these FTP clients: FileZilla (completely free), or SmartFTP (30 days free trial).

Your FTP details can be found on the View FTP Details section of your control panel.

Question: I don't know what is FTP. Do you have some File Manager?
Answer: If you do not wish to use an FTP (file transfer protocol) client, you may use our file manager which can be located within your cPanel area.

Question: Where can I find my FTP information?
Answer: To find your FTP details, log on to your control panel, click the 'View FTP Details' link and you will be presented with your information.

Question: Do you have any file size or file type limits?
Answer: No, we do not have any file size limits and you may upload any files with any extensions. However, they reserve the right to remove files larger than 5 MB, if some day we will start running out of disk space (this has never been done before).

Website Building FAQs

Question: Search engine friendly (virtual) URLs are not working!
Answer: They use virtual user home directory paths so you can get errors when trying to setup search engine friendly URLs. It can be easily fixed. Edit your .htaccess file and one simple line to it:

RewriteBase /

Make sure this line is placed before all the other rules (on the first line of .htaccess file). That's it. Now your rewrite rules should be working fine.

Note: if you are installing your script to some subdirectory such as www.yoursite.com/forum/, you have to place RewriteBase /forum line to the .htaccess file which is located in the public_html/forum directory.

Question: How to CHMOD (change permissions) of my files?
Answer: The easiest way to CHMOD files is through an FTP client. Log on to your FTP account and select all files/directories you want to change permissions for and right-click the selected files and select File Attributes (in Filezilla) or Properties (in most of other FTP clients) menu. You will see some numbers like 644 or 755 (for example) in the file attributes window. Change these numbers to any value you need (777, for example) and click the OK button to confirm changes.

You can also change the file permissions by using File Manager which is located in your cPanel.

Question: How do I make the mod_rewrite rules work?
Answer: They use virtual user directory paths, so you can get error when trying to setup search engine friendly URLs or trying to pass virtual directory names to PHP scripts. Edit your .htaccess file and add this line at the top of the file or before the first rewrite rule:

RewriteBase /

Note: if your script is installed on some directory, for example /forum, you have to place the RewriteBase /forum line to the .htaccess file (.htaccess file must be also located in /forum directory).

Question: My website shows "Internal Server Error"
Answer: There are many different possibilities and in most cases this is due to incorrect .htaccess file configuration.

Although this is generally caused by a problem within the script, many times it is caused by incorrect file permissions either on the script itself, or another file or directory used by the script. You should also verify the that the script paths are set correctly.

You should also verify that the scripts were uploaded in the correct mode (ASCII or Binary - check the readme for the scripts to see any special instructions. Normally it is ASCII). Another problem could be permissions of the file or directory. Your script permissions should be 755, or rwxr-xr-x.

Question: How do I fix a '500 Internal Server Error' on my website?
Answer: 1. Interference with an .htaccess file.
If you have implemented .htaccess on your site, it may be interfering with the web page you are trying to load into your web browser. Double check the .htaccess configurations to ensure that it doesn't contain any errors. To confirm whether an misconfiguration .htaccess is the cause of the 500 Internal Server error, either remove or rename the .htaccess file.

2. PHP Coding Timing Out
If your PHP script makes external network connections, the connections may time out. If too many connections are attempted and time out, this will cause the Internal Server Error. To prevent such time outs and errors, we suggest that your relevant php scripts be coded with some timeout rules.

3. Search on Google for your script name + Internal Server Error. For example if you get this error on Wordpress blog - query Google for Wordpress Internal Server Error Fix.

Question: Why can't I login to the website builder?
Answer: These could be some of the reasons:

1. Make sure you already updated nameservers.

If you are using your own domain (like yourdomain.com, for example), you need to point domain to our nameservers to get it working. You can find nameserver details after logging on to your CPanel -> View Account Details. You have to wait 24-48 hours after nameservers update before your domain starts working.

2. Make sure you have public_html folder created.
If your site is missing the public_html folder, you will not be able to use the website builder. To restore the public_html use the Fix File Permissions tool from the control panel.

3. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera browsers.
Their website builder has support for these browsers. They do not guarantee that their website builder will work with other web browsers.

4. Universal Fix: Reinstall Website
If you unable to login to the website builder admin area or get errors with invalid license it maybe that some of the files are missing. To fix this issue, reinstall the website with the website builder again. First use the Cleanup / Reload Account function - it will delete the current installation. You may then install your website again with the website builder. It will upload all missing files and fix common problems.


Question: Do they support .htaccess? What should I know about it?
Answer: All of their servers support .htaccess by default. Usage is unrestricted so you can put any rules or PHP flags to .htaccess file

But, there is one thing you should know about .htaccess and mod_rewrite rules:

They use virtual user home directory paths, so you may get errors when trying to set up search engine friendly URL's. All you need to do to fix this issue is add the below line to the very top of your .htaccess file:

RewriteBase /

Make sure this line is placed before all of the other rules (on the first line of .htaccess file). That's it. Now your rewrite rules should be working.

Note: if you are installing your script to some directory such as www.yourdomain.com/forum/, you have to place RewriteBase /forum/ line to the .htaccess file which also must be located in the public_html/forum/ directory.

Question: Can I set register_globals ON / OFF?
Answer: PHP register_globals feature is set to OFF on our servers for security reasons. All modern scripts, these days do not use register_globals, and if you get any errors related to register_globals being disabled, you may want to check your coding or contact script developer for more details.

However, it is possible to enable register_globals by entering this line to your .htaccess file:

php_flag register_globals on

They do not recommend enabling this function as it may lead to possible security problems for your website.

Question: Do they support Zend or Ioncube?
Answer: Yes, both Zend Optimizer and Ioncube are enabled on their servers.

Question: My script is not working! I am getting PHP errors!
Answer: They only provide free support for their system and services. They will help you with basic problems associated with getting scripts running, but if you need help with third-party software, contact the authors of that software or search Google.com with the error you're getting.

However, you can upgrade your account at http://www.000webhost.com/upgrade and they will provide you with full help in installing your scripts, developing your website and fixing errors.

Question: Can you increase resource limits, enable some functions?
Answer: They cannot change default server configurations as it would affect all the other users too. Current server configuration enables maximum security and performance for their users, so they will be unable to change these settings.

Question: PHP Errors: Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons.
Answer: You can get this or any similar error by running a PHP script, because the desired function is considered to be dangerous, so it is disabled on main PHP configuration.

They have disabled most insecure PHP functions and are unable to allow them for any specific users due to potential security issues.

To remove this warning, edit your PHP script and remove the entire line where the disabled function is mentioned or insert this line on the top of PHP script:


Question: PHP Errors: Why do I get ".. unexpected T_STRING ..." error?
Answer: You may get this error because all .html files are parsed as PHP here. So, if your .html file contains "<?" or "?>" tags/text (which shows for file parser that PHP code started), you get this error. This can happen with XML files if they are not using correct content type.

If order to fix this error you need to remove "<?" and "?>" symbols or entire tags with these symbols from your HTML page source.

Question: PHP Errors: Fatal error: Unable to read X bytes in <..>
Answer: In most cases you will get this error if the script is encoded with Zend and it was uploaded in ASCII mode. It's advisable to change your FTP client to transfer files in binary mode and upload files again.


Question: What is my MySQL hostname?
Answer: You have go to their members' area, enter the control panel and click on the 'MySQL' icon. Your MySQL hostname will be listed there.

Important! Never use 'localhost' as your MySQL hostname here or you will get access denied errors!

Question: I get access denied errors when trying to connect to MySQL.
Answer: If you cannot connect to MySQL server, these could be some of the causes:

- Incorrect MySQL hostname.
Never use 'localhost' as your MySQL hostname! You can find your MySQL hostname by logging on to the members area, entering the control panel and clicking on the MySQL icon.

- Incorrect MySQL username / password or database name.
You can find / setup MySQL the username and database by clicking on the MySQL icon from the control panel. And you can change the MySQL password by clicking on the phpMyAdmin icon.

- Database failed to setup.
In very rare cases MySQL database can fail to setup. To confirm this, please try to enter phpMyAdmin for any database. If you see a database there, that means it setup was successful. And if you get access denied error by trying to enter phpMyAdmin, delete the database and setup the same MySQL database again.

Please note that you must always give about 1 minute for any changes to be applied on the server.

If you still are not able to connect to MySQL, you can check if it is a server or a problem with your script in this way: if you can enter phpMyAdmin and see you database there, that means everything is working fine on their side. It's a problem with your PHP script.

Question: I cannot enter phpMyAdmin / database cannot be found there
Answer: In some rare cases, MySQL databases can fail to install themselves correctly. To check that the installation has worked, you can login to phpMyAdmin through cPanel and see whether or not you can access the database. If you are unable to access the database through phpMyAdmin, simply delete and recreate the database.

Question: How can I connect to MySQL from my computer?
Answer: Remote MySQL connections are disabled for security and server performance reasons. However remote MySQL connections will be enabled if you upgrade your account to their paid web hosting.

General FAQs

Question: My website is down!
Answer: 1. Make sure you already updated nameservers.
If you are using your own domain (like yourdomain.com, for example), you need to point the domain to their nameservers. You can find the nameserver details after logging on to your CPanel -> View Account Details. For new accounts, you should wait around 24-48 hours for DNS propagation to be completed to ensure your domain works correctly.

2. Scheduled maintenance?
If they perform any scheduled maintenance on their servers, you will see an announcements about this after logging on to the members area and navigating to the control panel of domain.

3. Check our forum for news and announcements.
If they have any news regarding upcoming expected downtime, they will always post that information on their community forums.

4. Maybe it's your internet service provider problem?
To check that, enter your website by using their Proxy Browser which is located in the Members Area -> CPanel -> Domain Tools. If you can access your website by proxy browser, but cannot enter it from your computer, that means the outage is related to your internet service provider. Your should restart your internet connection, clear browser cache and contact your internet provider.

Question: My domain was suspended for mass e-mail!
Answer: If your account was suspended because of sending a mass e-mail, contact their help desk.

Give them a valid reason why you have sent mass e-mail, which is strictly prohibited by their Terms Of Service. Their support team will check your account and reactivate it.

Question: My account was cancelled for abuse! Why?
Answer: If you see the message 'Canceled for Abuse' on your account, it means it was terminated for violation of their Terms Of Service, located at: http://www.000webhost.com/includes/tos.php

Canceled accounts cannot be reactivated or restored, so be sure to follow their TOS before publishing your website. For security reasons they cannot provide you with the exact reason why your account was terminated.

Question: SSL certificates, do you support SSL?
Answer: They do not support SSL certificates and https secure connections.

Question: Can I display my own ads on my website?
Answer: Yes, you can show your ads on your website or monetize your traffic in any other way.

Question: Can I host mp3 files or movies there?
Answer: Yes, but you must own the copyrights or have the requires permissions from the copyright holder to upload the files. They do not allow copyright violations on accounts, and discovery of copyrighted materials without the appropriate permissions could lead to account suspension. For further details, see their terms of service.

Question: Is file leeching allowed?
Answer: File leeching is strongly prohibited due to the strain it can put on their servers. All files should be reachable from a fully built website, or your account may face susepension. For further details, see their terms of service.

Question: Do they allow custom error pages?
Answer: Yes, you can set up your own custom error pages, by using .htaccess file.

Question: How do I install Guestbooks, Forums, Blogs
Answer: They have a collection of scripts that are already pre-installed on your hosting account. Some of these scripts include: B2Evolution, WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, phpWebsite, SMF. These scripts are ready to be auto-installed in a single click!

You can find these scripts within your cPanel -> Fantastico Installer.

Question: Why is their service free?
Answer: They have 3 funding sources: they own a paid hosting company and have strong financial grounds. Their free service is also user donation supported. Finally, they earn money by offering paid upgrades for those who need more disk space and more advanced services.

Question: Why do I sometimes see a 'Server is busy' message?
Answer: If the server is busy (for example, they setup a lot of new accounts at the same time), you may see this message briefly while server load returns to normal levels:

The server is too busy at the moment. Reload the page few seconds later.

This message can be noticed on peak times only, and only for active servers (active servers are the servers where they add tons of new accounts every day). This message will permanently disappear as soon as they switch new account setups to another server (usually in few days).

Domain Names / DNS FAQs

Question: I have registered with my own domain, but it is not working.
Answer: If your have chosen to host your own domain you must first point this domain to their server (update nameservers). Nameservers for your domain must be updated from the company where you have purchased / registered your domain name. They usually have section such as 'DNS Management', 'Update Nameservers' or something similar. You can find the correct nameservers to use by selecting 'View Account Details' after logging in to your control panel. After you have updated the nameservers of your domain, it will start working in 24 - 48 hours. You will see message 'Your website is up and running' after visiting your domain.

If you don't have an idea about nameservers and how to update them, register a new account and choose 'I will choose your free subdomain' option. The subdomain will start working immediately without configuring anything.

Question: How do I point my existing domain to their nameservers?
Answer: To point your domain to their services, you need to visit your domain registrar (where you registered the domain) and change the name servers associated with your domain to their name servers and also remove any existing name servers that may be associated with your domain. This is a common process at all domain registrars as it is required anytime anyone changes who hosts their website. For specific help on changing the name servers at your domain registrar, go to your domain registrar's website, login and go to the help section. Search for 'changing name servers' or 'changing DNS servers'.

Their nameservers can be found by logging on to our members' area, entering the control panel and navigating to 'View Account Details'. After you have updated the nameservers of your domain, it will start working in 24 - 48 hours. You will see the message 'Your website is up and running' after visiting your domain.

Question: Can I edit MX, CNAME, A records of my domain?
Answer: You can change the MX records your domain by navigating to cPanel and selecting 'Modify MX Record'. To have the ability to create or modify other DNS records such as CNAME or A record, you need to upgrade your account. Full DNS management is not included with free web hosting accounts.

Question: What are their nameservers?
Answer: Their nameservers can be found by logging on to their members' area, entering your control panel and navigating to 'View Account Details'. After you have updated nameservers of your domain, it will start working (pointing our server) in 24 - 48 hours. You will see message 'Your website is up and running' after visiting your domain.

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